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My name is Gary. I have been working as a brand graphic designer for 20 years now, and here I am to share my wealth of knowledge with you. I teach people how to design, market, and promote their t-shirt business.


We are going to do something different in this blog. I am going to show you how you can create a good t-shirt design using t-shirt elements. 


So, I am going to take this “Sinners Brooklyn” tee: 


Now, we are going to make it a little bit better. We will make it a little bit more angelic and not something so sinful looking. 


So first, we have to look at the elements. Here we have a banner, praying hands with the skeleton with two little things on the side, and another banner at the bottom. 


That’s pretty simple! 


Let’s go to the t-shirt elements, and the first thing that we are going to do is to select a banner: 



Now, coming back to the blank sheet, I will add the banner here: 



We are going to make it black and turn it around: 



Now we are going to get some version of the praying hands design, but we are not going to use the ones with the skeletal hands. To get some nice hands, we have to go to the Religion & Spirituality section: 



Here are the hands in prayer that we need. Now, I am going to select the hands from there. and drop it below the banner that we added earlier: 



Also, we are going to take the banner, turn it 180 degrees, then put it at the bottom of the design: 




On the next step, I am going to add a little bit of background to our hands in prayer. So, I am going to select the pen tool and make a border around the design: 



Now we are going to make the background black, and as you can see our hands in prayer have started to take shape: 



Now, I am going to go back to our Religion & Spirituality pack, and I am going to add a couple of angels and chariots: 


I am going to place them on the side, along with our hands in prayer and make both of them face other. 


As you can see, it is the exact opposite of the sinner design, and this is looks lot more wholesome.


On the next step, I am going to add the text to the banner:  


On this step, I am going to add a little background to this. So, I am going to go to “Halftones”, and I will select this: 




I will add it to the background, and tone it to go well. It looks like some rays and prayers are coming out from the folded hands. 


Now I am going to take an element again: 


This will soften those edges up and, it looks great. So now, we have a nice looking graphic and you can see some distress over our graphic. 


Hold on, this is not done yet! I am going to add elements from the paint splatter:


So, I will grab a few of these paint splatters and copy them: 


Now, I will add all of these to the page: 


There you go, guys! We took a sinister looking design, and created a more angelic looking design. 


Of course, you can put this on the template: 


You can put this on your website, and this is ready to sell. This is a demo of how you can use the t-shirt element system to create some great looking designs.