Selling T-shirts Online

The Hardest Part Of This Business

I. Introduction

Hey, future T-shirt moguls! So, you’re ready to rock the online T-shirt market? Awesome! Let’s dive into this guide to help you figure out where to sell your amazing designs.

II. Social Media: Your T-Shirt Showcase

Creating Social Media Accounts

Alright, buckle up T-shirt trendsetters! Your journey starts with conquering social media, the ultimate stage for your fantastic T-shirt designs.

  • Instagram: Snap pics, share stories, and dive into the world of Instagram Shopping. Your T-shirts become the VIPs, and influencers? They can turn your tees into a sensation.

  • Facebook: Time to set up your T-shirt hub. Post those eye-catching pics, toss in some ads, and get chatting with your community. Influencers? They’re like your T-shirt ambassadors, spreading the word.

  • Pinterest: Picture-perfect boards showcasing your T-shirt brilliance. With Buyable Pins, your T-shirts are just a click away from being a trend. Oh, influencers here? They add the extra spice, making your designs Pinterest-famous.

III. TikTok Shop: Riding the Viral Wave

Setting up a TikTok Shop

Welcome to TikTok, where trends rule and your T-shirts can become the talk of the town.

Open that TikTok shop, ride the viral waves, and guess what? Collaborate with influencers for some serious T-shirt dance-off. They make your tees the stars of the show, turning trends into T-shirt sensations.

III. TikTok Shop: Riding the Viral Wave

Setting up a TikTok Shop

TikTok is all about trends and vibes. Open a TikTok shop, join the trends, and show off your T-shirt groove. It’s like surfing the viral wave of awesomeness.



I cannot stress this enough. The power of influencers. Start with micro-influencers 1k to 10k followers. Get a few to shout you out and or wear your stuff. Then graduate to mid tier 10-100k followers. Once you’ve reached this hurdle. 100k to 1 Million follower influencers and after that take on the celebrities. Then watch the money start rolling in. (hopefully,lol)


IV. Third-Party Apps: Tapping into Established Markets

Etsy, Redbubble, SunFrog, Threadless

Third-party apps are like big marketplaces for your T-shirts. You’ve got:

  • Etsy: Perfect for handmade and custom T-shirts. Pop your shop there and run ads for a spotlight.

  • Redbubble: Showcase your designs on everything! It’s like a T-shirt carnival.

  • SunFrog: Print-on-demand services galore. Set up shop and use their marketing tools for some T-shirt buzz.

  • Threadless: Join the Artist Shops program, collaborate with the community, and watch your T-shirt designs take flight.

V. Building Your Own Store: Taking Control with eCommerce Platforms

Shopify and WooCommerce (WordPress)

Now, if you’re feeling the boss vibes and want full control, it’s time to build your own store.

  • Shopify: It’s like having your own T-shirt kingdom. Customize your store and let Shopify handle the techy stuff.

  • WooCommerce (WordPress): If you’re a WordPress fan, use WooCommerce. It’s like building your store with LEGO blocks – totally customizable.

VI. Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros of Each Platform

  • Social Media: Everyone’s there, so visibility is sky-high.
  • Third-Party Apps: Established customer bases and a global audience.
  • Your Own Store: Full control over your brand – it’s all yours.

Cons and Considerations

  • Third-Party Apps: Watch out for fees and commissions.
  • Your Own Store: Takes time and effort to set up and maintain.

VII. Conclusion

So, there you have it – a roadmap to rock the online T-shirt scene. But, Do remember selling T-shirts is not easy and this is the most challenging. Do not give up. It can’t slow motion at first and is very discouraging but, keep the faith and whatever you do, DO NOT QUIT. T-shirt mogul, and let those designs shine!


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