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Alright, guys! We have Mac versus the Windows PC. Which one is better for your t-shirt business?

If you have the same question, then keep reading, because this is the right blog for you!

Now when it comes to running a t-shirt business, then the answer is easy, which is: it depends! It depends on what you may ask, and it depends on your mindset, and we are going to break this down into two things:

Are you price conscious?


Are you brand conscious?

Let’s start with being price conscious.

Now, when you are price conscious, then you want the most value for your money, so you don’t want to spend a lot of money! Also, you don’t want to go broke because of buying a computer. Then, a PC is hands down your best option, and you can get PCs for little to nothing these days.

I have seen them for as low as a couple of hundred bucks, which means that you can get into the game with a nice PC:

(Use alt text: Mac vs. PC: The Best Laptop To Start A T-Shirt Business)

What I would recommend is that you get at least 8 GB of ram because you are going to be using different software like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., and you want a PC that can handle those graphics.

So again, try to get one with AT LEAST 8 GB of ram, and there are so many companies that make PCs. Go and take a look for yourself!

Therefore, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then you should get a PC.

On the other hand, if you are brand conscious and you are concerned about with the brand and being cool and trendy…

(Mac vs. PC: Best Laptop to Start a T-shirt Business)

Then, a Mac might be for you! And they are expensive and quality machines. In my experience, I would say they are historically quality machines, and I will explain this later in the blog.

Unlike PCs, most Mac computers come with at least 8 GB of RAM. So, doing a lot of heavy work in terms of graphics is not going to be a big deal, and you can do video editing on this, but if you want some high-quality performance, then get the MacBook Pro or the desktop models.

But, when it comes to running a t-shirt business and doing some design work, then both the PC and Mac would work.

Now, if you’ve noticed, I have yet to get into the specifics of what you can do with the software on a PC, because guys, this is 2020. There are so many options at your disposal to ensure that your day-to-day t-shirt business operations run smoothly.

The days of being limited to do things on one platform are long gone!

Today, you can get all the software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and QuickBooks for example — which used to be almost exclusively found in the land of the PC, but now, you can find that on the Mac.

Similarly, the Illustrator, Photoshop, Inkscape, and Affinity designs that used to be almost exclusively found in the land of the Mac, can now be found on Windows.

So again, it’s all up to you guys, because if no one has a stronghold in a specific category, then everything is available on both the platforms. It depends on you! Are you brand conscious? Are you into the price? Therefore, it’s all up to you!

My personal experience with both the Mac and PC

When I first got into computers, I was a die hard PC guy because I had a PC, then I started noticing that my PCs were not lasting too long, and I got tired of buying a new PC every year and-a-half. Now, I am going to get a Mac and, my first experience with the Mac was awesome!

Then, I became a kind of a Mac guy, but I still had my PC. But after buying the latest version of Mac, I started having problems with the keyboard, some overheating issues and, I think you might have heard it before, but Mac is not what it used to be back then!

It is still a quality machine, but it is not the same quality of what it used to be!

I do not believe in having only one platform, and because of this, I have both a PC and a Mac. Also, my next computer is going to be a surface, and I don’t know when that’s going to be, but I am strongly considering using it as my next computer.

So, that was my experience!

Again, choosing the right PC for you depends on how you want it to be, and by that, I mean: Are you price-conscious, or are you brand conscious?

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