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My name is Gary. I have been working as a brand graphic designer for 20 years now, and I am here to share my wealth of knowledge with you. I teach people how to design, market, and promote their t-shirt business. 


An old friend of mine from high school is a screen printer, and in this blog, I am going to demonstrate the process of screen-printed Plastisol heat transfers.


It is a simple process, and anyone with a screen printing business can do this very easily. Let me show you how it is done, and let’s get into it! 


Step #1: First, we spray an adhesive: 


Step #2: Place the special transfer paper down onto the palette


Step #3: Print it the same way, and you would print any other t-shirt while using the Plastisol ink only: 



Note: Make sure that the artwork is placed in reverse, and you’ll be using Plastisol ink only. 



Step #4: Now, you can add the adhesive powder, and make sure that it is all over the artwork:


Save all the extra powder for all future transfers.  



Once you have stored all the extra adhesive powder, then the artwork should look like this: 

Step #5: Now, we have to cure it: 


Now, when you put it through the machine, the powder then cures into the ink, and you can’t see the powder anymore: 


Now it is time to print this on a t-shirt! 


Step #6: Here is the design that I got, and then you have to make sure that it is printed in reverse. So, this is the right way. 


Now, keep your heat press nice and hot! 


Step #7: Take your t-shirt blank, and place it on the heat press: 



Make sure to straighten out all of the wrinkles and creases on the t-shirt, and to do that, just heat press the t-shirt:



Now, it looks all straightened out: 


Step #8: Put our artwork on the t-shirt, here: 



 Again, we have to heat press it: 


Step #9: Peel it off! 


Now, it’s done, look at this: 




We have a t-shirt printed now, and it looks very nice: 


It’s awesome! This is a way to go for all the budding t-shirt entrepreneurs, and this is how you do it!

Thanks for reading!