T-Shirt Trends 2018: The Color Trends


Muted Pastels Are The Big Trend In T-Shirts For 2018

T-shirt Trends 2018 The Color Trends

These are the top t-shirt trends for 2018. This video is an awesome collection of t-shirt trends for the year 2018. The BIG story is pastel colors. One of the colors referenced often is pink in particular. Everywhere I turned — on the runway, in music videos, in blogs, on celebrities, and all over the internet was the color pink. These were pink t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies, to be exact.

So if you want to “trend right”, then I strongly suggest you add some pink to your t-shirt line…and pronto. A great place to pick up some of these awesome blanks without having to shop several different companies is Bella+Canvas. They have all of these colored blanks just waiting for you check out their color card which is included in the following link. → Color Card 

Watch Video below:

T-shirt Trends 2018 The Color Trends