Huion 420 Graphic Tablet Review


Huion 420

This video is a review of the Huion 420 drawing tablet. It’s also a tutorial on how to install the Huion 420 drivers to your Mac or PC. This tablet is available on Amazon for $21.24. So, for around 20 bucks, you get a very good tablet that’s very comparable to much more expensive tablets like the Wacom Intuos Pen & touch & the Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition. It has 2048 levels of pressure, & is very smooth to the touch. The pen requires an AAA battery that is NOT included. Overall, is it is an extremely good tablet for the money. It performs as good, if not better than my Wacom tablets.

Watch Video Below!

The only possible drawback is the size. However, even that can be considered a plus if you’re traveling and prefer a smaller tablet. I highly recommend this tablet for beginners & anyone wanting to dive into the world of drawing tablets but thought they were either unnecessary or too expensive…And that’s the honest truth. Click Here to get tablet →HUION 420