The Power Of Paint Splatter For T-shirt Design


You can make something look artsy, bold, powerful, and riveting with something as simple as paint splatter.  We would be using stack art from the t-shirt element system. You can use a different picture, your own clip-arts, your drawings or whatever. So basically, we need: splatter images, an image for design, and a t-shirt image. This could be done in minutes on the Adobe Illustrator PC application.


Grab a radio icon or whatever image you want to use, and paste in a new blank page on Adobe Illustrator. This image could range from a car to just letters, it could also be a picture. Any image is great, but it would be a better choice to go with an image with no background.


Grab a couple of paint spatters from the T-shirt element system, and paste it right on the same open file on Adobe Illustrator. You could grab as much as 10. So, now we have a radio with a bunch of splatters.

Watch Video For Demo


Rearrange your spatters round the radio using the colors of the radio for the spatters. You can comfortably fit two large ones, and place behind the radio and couple of dripping spatters at the lower rear part to give a dripping effect.

And yes, we have a dripping radio in a couple of minutes. You could style your design just exactly how you want it, and you could also test the effect on a T-Shirt template gotten from our t-shirt element system. Now, we have a classy and beautiful t-shirt.

The t-shirt element system is available

To really understand Photoshop & Illustrator I suggest taking a course. Where? You may ask. no better place

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