Iron-On Labels For T-Shirts


If you are a fashion designer, an artist, or you simply want to begin labeling your handmade creations, clothing, designs or accessories, then you’ve come to the right place! Custom made fabric labels can give your clothes a unique look.

Iron-on labels are high-quality woven name labels that have very efficient and effective glue backing. They will bond to all types of fabrics. Ironing them on is great because of the material the patches are made of, they can also be stitched for extra security.

Most iron-on labels can be affixed with a regular iron and board. Not all surfaces are equal, and some may require iron-on labels which goes for almost all fabricsIron-on labels are ideal for people who cannot sew or do not have access to a sewing machine. Iron-on labels work great for odd-shaped garments, like hats, ties, and scarves. Iron-on labels stay put through wash after wash. If you apply them the correct way, this depends on:

  • Heat of the iron
  • Pressure on the iron
  • Time

You can get iron-on labels made, or buy them at  When you contact them

tell them T-shirt Help Desk sent you.


Spread out the tip of the sleeve of the t-shirt or anywhere else you want to put it, and press with a pressing iron.


Iron the labels on. After 40 – 60 seconds, of ironing, there is an adhesive behind the label. Press the label for about 60 seconds and there you go. That is a label on your T-Shirt.

If the corners of the label curl up, you haven’t ironed the labels incorrectly, repeat the above steps again.

Do not forget to add your hang tags on your t-shirts. You can get your iron-on labels at They make great labels, so make sure you use the code: TSHIRTHELPDESK. Get your branding packs from

Note: Nothing is as secure for t-shirt labels as good old-fashion sewing, so keep that in mind. However these are a fantastic alternative.