Here at TShirtHelpDesk, we help t-shirt designers find their niche, express their creativity, and now we are giving a list of 10 places you can sell your t-shirt designs online. There are other sites not included in this article, but these ten sites are great places to market your t-shirt designs. The sites displayed below follows their rank according to the numbering.

10. Cafepress: Cafepress has been around for ages. One of the oldest online markets available, and you can sell anything here. You can have your CafePress shop and sell your t-shirt designs online.

9. Threadless:  This is another excellent place to sell t-shirts, but Threadless is kind of different in the sense that it is solely for t-shirt designers. They have a certain style of t-shirt designs they showcase. To showcase your designs, you submit your designs to the community on that platform, and they’ll vote for your design. If your designs are nice and you get enough votes, that is when your designs will launch on the site. You can use Threadless to sharpen your design skills. it’s a great place to sell t-shirts online.

8. Zazzle:  Here you can sell your designs, and you can open up your Zazzle store after you have fine-tuned your design with Threadless. Zazzle takes part of your sales money, so when you make a design and round off production costs, you add your commission to it.

7. Wordans: Wordans is a new site that is just like Zazzle. The link is in the video. They are pretty economical with low prices. They also print and design t-shirts for personal purpose. (We’ll be doing a full review of them soon).


6. Design By Humans: This is more like Threadless. You can have a store here and have your designs, but it is all under the Design By Humans name. They choose the designs, because they are concerned about the earth and helping their fellow humans in the most eco-friendly way possible.

5. Big Cartel:   Big Cartel has the advantage of having a lot of traffic because a lot of people know of Big Cartel. It is a good place to sell your t-shirts. Check them out and see how their process works.

4. Print The Shirt: This is a new place, so for right now, it is not a marketplace where you can upload your t-shirt designs, and they ship them for you. On a side note, they print at affordable prices.

3. Printful: This is a print on demand service. Located in Southern California, Printful prints and sends your custom print designs to your customers for products such as t-shirts, posters, canvas, mugs etc. It’s a one stop shop that does virtually all the heavy lifting for you.

2. Spreadshirt: This is a good place to start a t-shirt store. Spreadshirt is highly recommended for anyone wanting to get into the t-shirt game. You can have your domain name and automatic ad walls which allow you to advertise your t-shirts on
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1. Shopify: They’re not just an e-commerce software platform. Shopify is the best e-commerce platform that has everything you need to sell online, on social media, or in person.