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My name is Gary. I have been working as a brand graphic designer for 20 years now, and I am here to share my wealth of knowledge with you. I teach people how to design, market, and promote their t-shirt business. 


So, guys, I heard it time and time again that you guys keep asking about how they can print t-shirts in their home(s), and today, I am going to write about a technique that’ll help you do so, which is called “discharge printing”. 


In case you don’t know, discharge printing is done on a lot of fancy high-end prints, because it has virtually no hand feel, and you can get a lot of cool colors out of doing so. 


Therefore, I am going to show you how you can do this at your home! 


So, here are the things that you are going to need: 

1.) Bleach

2.) Hydrogen peroxide. 

3.) A protective mask for the bleach fumes.

4.) 2 Spray bottles (For hydrogen peroxide and bleach.)

5.) Tie-dye kit

6.) Gloves

7.) Freezer paper

8.) Exacto blade or a box cutter

9.) Artwork printed on a paper

10.) An Iron 

11.) T-shirt blanks 

12.) A piece of cardboard


Here are the steps: 


Step 1: Lay your artwork on the cardboard 



Now, tape the freezer paper on top of it: 




Note: Make sure that the shiny side of the freezer paper faces down, and the regular mat side is facing upwards. 


Step 2: Start tracing with a pencil: 


Since our artwork has the colors green and red, I have divided it into different sheets for all the prints: 



Step 4: Complete the tracing of the artwork: 



Now, take the X Acto blade and cut the design part out: 


Also, I will repeat the same for all of the components of the artwork such as “Beware, snakes in the grass”, and at last “The Cobra”. 



Step 5: Once you have everything cut out, then it would look like this: 



Step 6: Take the cardboard and put it into the insides of the t-shirt, and that’s because you don’t want the bleach to go and seep through the other side: 



Step 7: Put the freezer paper with the cut-outs on your t-shirt blank: 



Now, iron it down and make sure that the shiny part of the freezer paper faces down, because that is going to stick to your t-shirt, but don’t leave any residue because it is going to create a dollar store version of a silkscreen: 


Also, we are going to take some more freezer paper, and put it to cover all the edges of the t-shirt, because we don’t want any splashes of bleach on our t-shirt. 


Step 8: Take your tie-dye bottle for both the colors red and green, and then fill them with water: 


Now, put them back on the spray bottles: 



Step 9: Start spraying bleach on top of the freezer paper attached to the t-shirt: 


And to help that bleach, we are going to iron it, where it helps to make the color even lighter and quicker: 



Note: Make sure that you wear a mask, because there might be some toxic fumes from this process. 


Repeat the bleach and ironing process for the rest of the 10-15 minutes or until you get it to a lighter shade. 


Step 10: Stop the bleaching process by spraying the hydrogen peroxide: 



Step 11: Start spraying the green tie-dye, and this is where we start the discharge process. This is where we also add color in that we just removed from the color bleach: 



Now we wipe that off:  


Look at this: 


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Step 12: Now, we are going to repeat the same process for the other colors, and we are going to line up everything with the snake’s word and the cobra: 



We are going to iron everything down and cover up all the edges: 




Step13: Bleach over the t-shirt againc and spray hydrogen peroxide on top: 


Then, we spray our tie-dye colors, and spray it all over: 


Step14: We pull it off, and look at what we get: 



Now it is smooth, and it has no hand feels! 


Let me rock this for you: 


So, how do you like them apples!This was my blog for making homemade t-shirts with no hand feel. 


It’s a great way to get started and enter into the t-shirt industry! 

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