How To Add Hang Tags To Your T-shirt



Branding your products is key to gaining more customers and promoting your brand. Think about it: A winter jacket can’t tell customers that it has a thin lining that is three times more cold-resistant than linings that are twice as thick. A hang tag could make your customers aware of your brand; it will give a reputation to your company and build trust with your customers. A lot of t-shirt makers want to make hang tags because it puts your brand in the company of the big dogs, and makes your t-shirts look classic and polished.

You can set discount codes on labels, contact details and a lot more. Hang tags give the t-shirts some great branding and make them just cool while taking your stuff to the next level. 

A hang tag could not only make customers aware of this, but it can also lend credibility to your company and foster trust from your customers. Hang tags project the image of the brand. Finally, you can use hang tags to boost future sales by including a coupon for purchase later – or even an instant discount in the same store. I will be explaining how you can do this for your brand for little or nothing

We would need a couple of things for this:

Your business card or some type of hang tag design made. Business cards remain the best type of hang tags. You can use your post tags too

Hole punch with 1/16 or 1/8 sized pin. A standard hole punch won’t work. This is available at Amazon. Click here to buy →HOLE PUNCH.

A tagging gun that’s available at Amazon. Click here to buy → Tag Gun

Label available at

And of course, your T-Shirt

Now, let’s make our classy hang tag.

Watch Video For Demo


Punch the business card or hangtag designs with the hole punch at the exact point you need the hole. If you have two or more cards, you’ll then want to add to your postcard and repeat the same process on it.


Grab the sleeve of the t-shirt, just along the seam, and push the pin of the tag gun. Once the pin is in, place your hangtag and post tags only in between the pin of the tag gun and press the trigger. And yes, you have your hang tags.

So right after you make your t-shirts, make sure you put your hang tag on. You do not want your company looking local and not classy, and your hang tags just take all of that opulent veneer away and place your company on the international level.