Is The T-Shirt Business Too Saturated? –


Something that you have probably heard before when you talk about starting a t-shirt business from most of your friends is that the t-shirt business is too overly saturated.

So, my opinion on that is yes, the t-shirt business IS saturated.

But that is a good thing because saturation means that there is money being made in this industry.

We need to realize something. When people get into business, and if it does not work, then the most probable reason is that there is no saturation because no one is making money in that niche.

Now, all of the money they invested gets lost, then they get out of the business altogether.

On the other hand, if something is saturated, then it means that there are people making money in this particular field.

Let us use an example and talk about smartphones:

There is an iPhone and, then there is Samsung. They make about most of the product sales in the smartphone market.

However, when you look around, you also find Pixel, Motorola, LG, Lenovo, and there are international smartphone manufacturers like Huawei, OnePlus, etc.

But why are there so many companies when Apple and Samsung are making the majority of sales? The reason here is that even if they get 1% of the market share, then it turns out to be in hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue.

The same is the case with you. So, the question is that not just that it is saturated. But the next question should be: “How can I get in where I fit in?”

To answer this, I am going to use a service, and I am going to show you a couple of things:

The name of the service is Merch Informer, and this is fantastic because it shows you the top-selling merch or t-shirts on Amazon. Not only does Merch Informer inform you of the t-shirts that are selling on Amazon (which also happens to be the number one e-commerce marketplace on the planet), but overall, it is an amazing search engine that shows what people are looking for online:

Best search engine to sell T-shirts

We are going to search for the top 100 t-shirts on Amazon right now. Now, I am not going to show all 100 t-shirts online, but we will look at the highest-sellers:

best search engine for selling t-shirts on amazon

In the middle of the holiday season, there is a high demand for Christmas and thanksgiving t-shirts.

Now, you can have a t-shirt with a Christmas tree that says that “Merry Christmas” or you can have a turkey that says “Happy Thanksgiving”.

But, there are a lot of ways to do this. Here you have a pumpkin pie that is eating all the whipped cream and, it is based-on Pacman. Take a look at the image below:

Is the T-shirt business too saturated

Look at the second image now. It says that it’s “Time To Get Basted”. It targets the same Thanksgiving topic, but also attracts someone who likes beer or drinking.

Is the T-shirt business too saturated

Pro Tip: Since we are talking about the subject of t-shirt business and saturation. I strongly suggest that you should try out the templates at They have all kinds of templates with models based on ethnicity, body type, etc. They also have templates for social media along with templates of t-shirt designs.

As we jump back into the topic at hand, let look at the following image that says: “Make Thanksgiving Great Again”, with a turkey that has Trump’s hair. Therefore, they are combining Trump, Thanksgiving, and turkey. This is how you should do it — by combining niches. You can’t say “Happy Thanksgiving” with a simple turkey, nobody cares about that anymore.

Is the T-shirt business too saturated

Now, this is something new. I saw the following image on Instagram. It is a pair of couple-centric t-shirts that says that “She’s My Sweet Potato” and the other one says “I Yam.” This is referring to both the sweet potato pie and Thanksgiving:

Is the T-shirt business too saturated

So, the lesson in this is that you have to think creatively. Then, you have to use this knowledge to come up with some designs.

The key is not necessarily to get in it, but the key is to get in from an angle where you look different from others. You have to target people within a niche. Go around and look at the niche that is not covered yet.

So, keep it simple and look at a niche within a niche because if no one is interested, then no one cares.

That’s it, let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below.