5 Worst T-Shirt Trends Ever


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This article is more on the cringe worthy side of the t-shirt trends, and we are going to look at the top 5 worst t-shirt trends ever.

Look guys, we have all participated in the trends that turned out to be a disaster. So, don’t get offended by any of these.

1.) Leather Vinyl Inserts, Patches, and Sleeves

One word that I can say about this is: “Yikes!”

I mean, look at these pictures below:

5 Worst T-shirt Trends Ever

No offense, but this design looks like the extra from the road warrior and, it does not look good.

It all looks very cheap, somewhat like plastic and leather, combined.

Even if it is real leather, it’s still not a good look overall.

To me it looks very tacky and, it has the “doing too much” aesthetic. Just take one more painful look at these again:

5 Worst T-shirt Trends Ever

Now, I understand that these were in trend once, but that time has passed already.

2.) Patch Work and Half Shirts

Patchwork and half shirts are a classic example of doing too much. What were the designers of these types of shirts  thinking back then!

Just look at these below. I will say that this trend was a t-shirt equivalent of a mullet, i.e. all “business in the front and party in the back”:

5 Worst T-shirt Trends Ever

I just don’t get it. Look at all of these flowers, it is a patchwork, or are you a hippie or something?

5 Worst T-shirt Trends Ever

3.) Long Urban T-Shirts

I remember this is one like yesterday. Oh yes, these were none other than the now-infamous long urban t-shirts — aka “tall tees” — of the early 2000s.

Look at these sundresses and how long these things are:

5 Worst T-shirt Trends Ever

These were highly popular during those times and, they don’t look terrible compared to others, but still, this is a hot mess. Look at this old boy over here:

5 Worst T-shirt Trends Ever

I mean, what is this?

Again, what in the world were we thinking? It looks like they got all Shaquille O’Neal’s clothes.

All of this looks very baggy, and the funny part is that someone once put on these clothes and thought that “I am stylish.” I mean, what possessed us to wear something like that?

Now, look at these two kids below:

5 Worst T-shirt Trends Ever

All of these clothes look like sundresses. Therefore, I am so glad that this trend is over and gone for good.

4.) Full Body. Hairy chest and Beach shirts

These are full-body, hairy chest, and Beach shirts. Let me show you what I am talking about:

5 Worst T-shirt Trends Ever

Now, this looks downright disgusting to me and, I don’t care if its Halloween, don’t wear this ever.

After these there the beach t-shirts. I don’t understand what this is like and, then we have the ones with beachwear printed on them:

5 Worst T-shirt Trends Ever

Overall, it looks like a bad joke being played on someone. Please don’t do this.

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5.) Wide Scoop Neck and Deep V-Neck Tees

This one is the worst to me, i.e. the wide scoop and deep v-neck.

Trust me, the worst thing about a t-shirt is when you can see man-cleavage. I don’t know what image this is trying to project, but this doesn’t look good at all.

I mean look at this:

5 Worst T-shirt Trends Ever

I don’t know if women like this or what?

Seeing this, I am so glad that this trend is over.

So, this was my blog for the 5 worst t-shirt trends ever. Let me know if any of you were part of a trend like this.

I understand that each one of us was guilty of this once.

Also, if you think that there was a trend worse than the ones I have listed, then please let me know in the comments section down below.