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My name is Gary. I have been working as a brand graphic designer for 20 years now, and I am here to share my wealth of knowledge with you. I teach people how to design, market, and promote their t-shirt business. 


Today in this blog, I am going to use a screen-printed Plastisol heat transfer. 


Now, this paper holds all the ink for the print, and it can be transferred to your t-shirt using a heat press machine. 



Note: You cannot use an iron here, and you need to have a heat press machine. 


The reason why you should not use iron is that you cannot exert the same amount of heat and pressure over the entire area of the t-shirt. 


It is not possible to use an iron. Now you can try to do it using iron and be disappointed with the result, or you can take my advice, and invest in a good quality heat press machine. 


Now, this is my heat press machine along with my t-shirt, which is ready to get printed. 


A heat press is something that you would need, and you have to get it!

Now, when you think about this in terms of an investment, if you were to buy a DTG machine, then a used one can cost you about $5,000-$6,000, and a new one would cost you from anywhere between $7,000, $10,000 and as high as $19,000. 

So, if you have that kind of money, then go right ahead and make that purchase! 

Guess what? After you use your DTG machine, then in order to cure the ink, you would require a heat press machine. 

So, you have to buy a heat press machine anyway! 

Also, if you want to do screen printing, then you would have to buy a screen-printing machine depending on whether you want an automatic machine or do it manually. Also, the cost will depend on how many colors you want, and you need at least five color machines to do a 4-color process, because you are required to have a white color flash. 

So, for screen-printing, you have to spend between $2,000-$5,000 and maybe even $7,000 on a new screen-printing machine. Then you would need to have a flash dryer, which will cost around $150-$300. Then, you would need a heater or conveyor dryer, and it will cost you somewhere between $1500-$2000. After this would require a dryer box, which will cost you between $300-$500, then you need to have a lightbox to shoot all of your artwork. You would also need all of your screens — and then of course, you need to have your mesh. 

You can get a high count or a low count mesh, and then you have to learn the process of screen-printing. 

Now, when you compare all these expenses to a custom heat transfer, then it is a relatively easy and simple process! 

I don’t have any problem with all of this, as we cover everything on the Tshirthelpdesk website, you can then contact us in case if you need any help. 

But, in this blog, I am going to show you the easiest way that you can make your artwork, no matter what it is, and you  can find one of our vendors. Then, we will point you in the right direction, and you can get yourself some custom heat transfers made! 

Also, we can arrange a designer who can create good looking and trendy designs at a reasonable rate. 

Just reach out at, and I will be here to help you! 

Now, I am going to show the process and how easy it is, because all you need is a heat press, your imagination, and some t-shirts. 

So, let’s get into it! 

Step #1: I have my t-shirt laid out on the bottom of the heat press.


Now, apply a little pressure with moderate heat on the t-shirt, in order to get all of the moisture and wrinkles out: 


Step #2: Take your artwork: 

Place it in the center of your t-shirt


Step #3: Now, the heat press is at 300-400 degrees Fahrenheit, and we are going to press it for 10 seconds.


Heat press it, because this is why I suggest that you should get a heat press machine, as it applies even pressure throughout the whole t-shirt, which is not possible while using an iron: 


Step #4: After 10 seconds, take that t-shirt off:



Peel it off while it’s hot! 

There you go! You have a beautiful t-shirt ready. Now, of course, you would have more color by putting this on a white t-shirt. 


But I wanted to give it that vintage, old-school kind of a look. I wish that you guys could feel how soft it is! 

This is something that you can sell online, or at any national retailer. This is beautiful, and you did not have to spend $10,000 – $19000 to get into the t-shirt business. 

All you need to do is to get your artwork and a heat press machine. 

That’s it! That’s how you can start your own t-shirt business! 

So, reach out at, and get into this multi-billion-dollar t-shirt industry, because this economy is telling us that we have to be entrepreneurs, we cannot allow our livelihood to be in the hands of others. 

Alright guys! Thank you very much for reading, and I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors!