About Us

So why come to the tshirthelpdesk.com?This site was created not only to help you get started in the T-shirt business. We also give you the sources to everything you’re going to need to get you business of the ground. We offer tutorials, advice, original one-of-a-kind products. There is no other site that offers all that we offer in one place. We truly are the T-shirt help desk! We give it all to from A-Z from the very beginning stages to becoming the “Next Big Thing” You’ll learn how to start your on website. How to advertise you T-Shirt.Where to get Blank tees at great prices.We tell you where to find great graphic designers to design your T-shirts for you. We show you where to incorporate and get your LLC.We show you where to get hot models for photo shoots. We show you how to capitalize on social media. We show you how to market your T-shirt line. We show you all the tips and tricks to advertising you a line on the Internet as well as print media. We show you how to get your line into stores and boutiques. We show you how to get celebrities to weigh your awesome T-shirts. We show you everything.We tell you everything, so if you want to start a T-shirt business you came to the right place!

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In A Nutshell

 So with all that being said if I can help any of you guys bypass the 20 years of sitting behind a desk grinding it out working for someone else My job is done. I don’t consider myself to be a A guru or anything like that I just know that there’s a better way. So please take whatever you can get from the site and make a better life for yourself. What I want for myself I want everybody

Thank you and God bless I wish you all the very very best.


Hey I’m Gary. I’m a regular guy just like all of you. I was born and raised in New York City.

The only difference is that I design fantastic T-shirts. I’ve been a major brand T-shirt design for the past 20 years. I have recently decided to package up my knowledge and share it with you all. Hopefully it won’t take you 20 years to reach T-shirt heaven.

 My story

As stated previously I’ve been a graphic design for 20 years. GARY”S PORTFORLIO! However in 2008 the economy crashed. This didn’t just affect Wall Street it affected the apparel industry also. I went from having a cushy jobs flying me around the world researching beautiful designs, fabrics, colors

Trends and the like to standing on the unemployment line. To make matters worse every time I got a new great job it was for a lot less money, more stress and very few benefits. To make matters worse I got laid off from these jobs too. Being a firm believer in building your own destiny I decided to create the T-shirt help desk and 2011. It’s one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. I’m free now and I want to share this freedom with you

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